Quotes From Previous Team Members

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Tyler Baeza- "WTC was great, got to get on as many broncs as I wanted.  It was great practice and taught me to make the most out of every opportunity that is placed in front of you.  Don't ever quit."

Brandi Brock-Hawkins - "It was one of the best memories of my life!  Good times at WTC!!"

Tamara Tunink - "My experience at WTC was absolutely great.  I felt like the entire faculty helped every student to the best of their ability.  The community as a whole was extremely friendly and that made moving away from home less difficult.  I viewed the rodeo team as one big family and I absolutely loved how close we were.  I met my three closest friends while I attended WTC and I wouldn't trade them for the world."
Sean Willingham - "I remember Greg always telling me to (refuse to lose) and that has stuck with me for all these years. One of my favorite quotes is (success is never owned it's only rented and the rent is due every day)."
Luke Richards- I don't know how many times we all heard "Do your part".  
Coburn Bradshaw - "It helped me build character and I now have a lot more experience under my belt. I learned so much about positive thinking, how important it is to trust and train your subconscious to be able to perform at the top of your game.  Greg was very supportive and wants the best out of everyone on the team."  


JW Todd - "During my time at WTC I learned how to win consistently by being surrounded by people with the right attitude.  There I learned how important the people around you are. Neither stock nor conditions control winning only attitude. Greg taught me how important setting goals were and how to reach them mentally and physically.  I learned that winning was almost all mental.  It has helped me in life, past rodeo and beyond my imagination."

Jesse Laws - "I can't say enough good things about the rodeo program and the people at WTC.  I truly believe that Greg and his motivated coaching taught me skills and values that will be an asset to me for life.  He taught us to be winners and showed us that it's all about finding the courage, determination, and commitment to perform at our highest level possible. If you do those things there is a zero chance of failure, you have already won."  


Stetson Rasberry - "For me... WTC was the perfect stepping stone to a professional career and also to a university.  We had a blast and made some lifelong friends.  If it was a 4 year school I would have stayed."



  • 17 National Champions
  • 3 National Champion Teams
  • 3 Reserve National Champion Teams
  • 11 Southwest Region Champion Teams
  • 17 Teams finished in the top 5 for the nation

WTC has been a stepping stone into the NFR, PBR, and PRCA for such greats and world champions as:

Sean Willingham James Zant Cleve Schmidt Kyle Bowers
Sam Spreadborough Eric Moulton Tona Wright Tyson Thompson
Wacey Cathey Denny McLanahan Davey Shields Steven Turner
Dave Appleton Michael Gaffney Wes Stevenson Jared Farley
Buddy Reynolds Clayton Foltyn Houston Hutto Sabrina Lay
Jake Wright Tate Stratton Tera Bynum Coburn Bradshaw